Websites and People: What needs to be considered?

There are at least several million websites on the internet and increasing every day. Websites are most likely larger than the population of the world. Website design and development has become an important part of today’s business. It can be your business card or it can be your sales associate. Creating a website has matured and is much harder to create not just a website, but a website that works for your customers. A website should be your business tool for you and your customers are the users that visit your website.

The keys things to consider when designing a website is who you want to see it and what people are actually seeing it. You may want to:

  • Bring in traffic
  • Use it to increase sales
  • Provide your message
  • Information that relates the user

For whatever reason the website is being designed for, it has a purpose and the design has to fit that purpose. When talking to my clients, I often ask who they are targeting with their website. I like to know the specifics of their market and the demographic they want to focus on. These characteristics include age, college education, income, location, ethnicity, and gender, etc. Demographics give a variety of information for web designers to use to our advantage especially for research and determining what your users want to see.

What do my users want to see? This is an extremely important idea to consider in today’s website design. Every year, new technological advances change the way websites are designed. There are new standards, new languages, and new ways to add functionality, but even when you have your web designer adapt these changes to your website, it doesn’t grab your viewers and keep them coming back…great content does!

What needs to be considered in every website design is content. It is best to structure your design around the content you produce. Researching and developing strategies to produce strong content and engaging your users. Creating a theme of ideas focusing on the information you want to provide whether blogs articles within categories, news about your company or industry, images that capture your user’s eyes and interest, and powerful videos to grab your user’s attention. Combining these types of web content will not only increase your traffic, but it strengthens your product and services.

Of course, every client has a different website, idea, and an image to brand, but once I get to know my client’s demographics and who they want to target, my clients and I can figure out together how to structure their content and design a website that not only works for the client, but for the user. After you know what type of content you will provide, the design of the website can be structured. Understanding the user, the site can be laid out in a way that appeal to the user, typography can be selected, mockups can be generated, and a website can be created that your users visit frequently.

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