Tips for a Web Designer to create efficient User Experience (UX) process

Good User Experience (UX) is a planned process and it is difficult in creating a good user experience. Why do we do it? As a web designer, we want to take a strategic approach in creating the website.

When creating a website for User Experience (UX), start by examining factors! Is product findable? Where do you get it? What is it? How do I use it? Is it desirable?

Start the creation by using design, structure, and communication. Research and understand the end-user, focus on their behavioral traits rather than general market criteria. Tell a story, during the UX design process, outline each phase to it is more organized. Define what your working on, find goals, find design principles on how it makes the end-user feel, understand the needs of the end-user and administrator of the website, post each element into separate layout blocks and design a sitemap, then finally, create and implement your prototype.

Finally, testing is an important feature throughout the design process whether within your facility or from focus groups. Finding a real user to interact with the experience creates the best results.

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