The Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Getting your SEO campaign right is the hardest things to do. But get it right, as many as 55 percent of all the people who search for that specific term to click on your link. SEO works, plain and simple. It is more cost effective and delivers more of a long term benefit than paid advertisements in today’s marketing world.

But SEO is becoming more and more sophisticated. The search engines try to limit all that spam and useless content that no one wants to see.

So how do you start? It’s all about working smart. Start with a plan. Make short term objectives in order to reach those goals. Make small steps and track all your results.

Hiring an SEO firm or consultant or for this can help with all these steps. But in the meantime, a couple ideas to dwell on are:

  • get your website indexed with all search engines
  • use video to grab attention
  • optimize your images
  • make use of the location for your business
  • get your content into the web news using RSS feeds
  • submit an XML sitemap
  • Be relevant and build authority
  • Join the conversation with social media marketing

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