April 13, 2010

By Orange Aura


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Taking a look at Company Logo Changes

When looking back through time as companies grow, it looks like changes within a company go beyond structure. Within the long company life cycle, logo redesign seems to take a huge part of reshaping an image to fit a bigger audience. A logo redesign can be worth its weight if you get it right. There is a thin line between freshening up your design, and taking a step backwards with a redesign. A redesign can be small and simple, but other times it can be a huge re-vamp of a company and its goals. From Wal-Mart, IBM, Starbucks, and Apple, each company has taken the time to reshape their image. Could you imagine Apple selling an IPad or IPhone with their old logo?

A logo redesign can invigorate a company’s image or squander its brand equity. It takes careful time and thinking, proper exposure to their target group and testing. Here are a few well known companies that have changed their logo over their company life cycle.

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