Creative Web Design

Whether your a small business, large business, blogger or entrepreneur, you have a desire to have a high-quality, elegant usable and modern website. We offer Business and Personal Web Design, Design Makeovers, Ecommerce, Blog Design, PSD to XHTML/CSS, and Usability and Web Standards.

We can create you a well-designed website that is functional for your industry to keep you ahead of the market. Look in depth at  How We Design . When you are ready, view our Pricing Points. Then, view our portfolio and send us a message for a free estimate.


Identity and Print Design

Orange Aura Brand Identity and Logo Design starts with a series of questions about what our client’s company and the type of  image  they want to portray to the world. This allows us to produce a quality design to show the best image they will need to get their brand out there.

With that information, we are able to create the perfect logo for our clients.  The design comes in Vector format, so its flexible to use with print designs and the web. We don’t just give you a Logo and call it a day. In addition to your logo, we also provide our clients with a Logo Style Guide in PDF form, giving the proper color palette, fonts, and reference guides for future designs.

What’s a new car without the user guide? What’s a logo without the style guide? No worries, we give you the manual for your brand. It’s about planning for the future.

Our goal is to achieve the best and can create pretty much anything you can think of.

We make you a package that fits your needs in print media. Branding your product is important and that starts with an identity. We start with a logo and an idea to build a brand that pulls in your target market. Our package gives you everything from Logos & Color Scheming, Business Cards, Headed Paper & Presentation Folders, Poster & Flyer Design, and Email Templates.


Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Orange Aura utilizes Search Engine Optimization to make sure your website is visible to the most popular search engines. Our SEO is on-site website optimization meaning we edit your websites code and make sure the search engine crawlers can easily access the content you create.

We help any website, new or old, improve its find-ability using Search Engine Optimization and focused Online Marketing. Our marketing and SEO solution consists of market research, keyword research, on page optimization, and site structure.

We guide you towards the proper way to get your name our there. Building a strategy that can help you take your company or idea to the next level. Branding is tough enough without the gimmicks, buzz words, and shake ‘n’ bake formulas that drive a whole industry of experts. We go a long way on common sense, asking tough questions, and digging until we get to what’s really important. What you get is a big picture framework for making decisions.

How we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your website grow?

The simple version, we start by finding the most popular keywords relevant to your product that people search for.

We also edit the code of your website to make sure all the search engines crawlers reference your website correctly, improving the search results.

We make sure your website is configured to fit the  hundreds of requirements required to be at the top for Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search engine algorithm.

Orange Aura gives free estimates on all of our packages. Consult a web designer and marketing consultant today!

Please take a look at Orange Aura’s Design Portfolio and look in depth at our How We Design .  When you are ready, view our Pricing Points and then Contact Us for more details or questions @ studio (at) orangeaura (dot) com