How to protect your wordpress website from Hackers

Several years ago when we started using WordPress CMS to design our websites on top of, we learned the hard way about security issues and how to keep your website safe through a series of best practices. When optimizing your content management system(CMS), it is always good to keep your system safe from Hackers by keeping everything fully updated and lean.

Unfortunately, there is the good guys and bad guys in the internet and just like computers that contain virus protection software, you need to keep your website safe with best practices. To prevent your site from suffering this fate and possibly losing your data, content you have created, or even have important information stolen, follow our steps below to make sure you are well protected.

1) Keep your WordPress fully updated:

WordPress has Updates! The makers of WordPress always keep you up to date with the latest versions. In the left column of the “Dashboard”, you can click on “Updates” to see if you are running the latest version of WordPress. If you do not have the latest version, upgrade it as soon as possibly because they have addressed past security issues that will keep your  site fast and efficient.

2) Update your Plugins:

In the same Update page, wordpress will tell you if your plugins are up to date. When developers release in versions, you will be notified so you can update that as well.

3) Keep your WordPress CMS lean:

Always delete unused plugins and themes. By allowing more unused themes and plugins code to exist within your system, it can lead your website open to an attack. Take out things you do not need.

4) Always keep backups:

If you are hacked, it feels almost impossible to know what they did or planted inside your code. The best thing to do is keep weekly backups of your website so you can restore it in worst case scenarios.

How to keep backups:

A) Have your hosting service make backups of your database.

B) Export your content in Tools > Export > and export all content into a wordpress xml file.

C) Keep copies of your wordpress theme and plugins

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