November 5, 2010

By Orange Aura


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Managing Your Social Media Campaign

Since more and more social networks have been created, social experience and social networks have become one of the dominant players on the web. These highly interactive web applications allow users to communicate and give their own personal value and opinion. For businesses, having a website is not just enough, my clients tell me that they have to maintain their social experience and interact with customers. They have been using this to track leads and find new customers. One of the biggest companies that have used social media to the optimal potential is Victoria Secret. They have one of the largest fan base on Facebook and it continues to grow with over 9 million fans. Not only have they been actively using social media to boost the sales for their products, but they were one of the first companies to start doing this.

Social Media is the perfect way to help small businesses grow and bring awareness and I tell my clients that every day. Unfortunately, this is no easy task to just having one, it needs to be properly maintained, updated several times a day. But how does a small company manage everything while running their day to day business operations. Especially when they have to use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. It can get to be very overwhelming and hard to maintain a focused social media campaign.  I will have to talk about how to focus your social media campaign for another article, but managing all of these networks have become easier with the help of Flock and  I recommend it to all my clients and they cannot thank Orange Aura enough.

Flock and Yoono are social media managers. Instead of logging into 5, 10, or 20+  social websites, my clients are able to use just 1 (either or using to to manager all the rest. It saves time and in just 1 status update, you can send this information to every network without manually inputting it to the rest. Obviously, there are more features, but this is just one tip for my clients on how to start effective online marketing.

Specifically, Flock is a web browser build with social media integration. It allows people to use it for personally or business -use to surf the web while updating the rest of their accounts. Yoono is  a web browser add-on, a desktop software, or an iphone application social media integration account. Both of these applications are similar so you can choose which one you feel more comfortable using.

Keep in mind these are free applications too and will defiantly help in creating a focused social media campaign.

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