April 16, 2011

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Installing WordPress on your Website Hosting

For most people, downloading the wordpress content management system zip file, extracting the content, then uploading it a server via FTP can be a bit confusing. It even gets more complex when you have to create a database before proceeding to the wordpress install instructions. If you feel overwhelmed with this, you have 2 choices when installing wordpress on your own hosting plan. You can either hire a web design/developer or someone knowledgeable on the topic. The second option is even better, most hosting plans have a self install for open source software. WordPress will be included as well as other CMS systems like Joomla, Drupal, and OS commerce.























For manual installation of wordpress, follow these instructions: (Also, keep in mind, WordPress has documention on installation and configuration here)

1)       Installing wordpress on your website hosting requires a compatible hosting plan that takes php. First, create a database in your hosting and remember what the database name, user, and password are. You will need it later.

2)      Download the wordpress CMS on wordpress.org. It will come in either a .zip file or .tar.gz file.














3)      Unzip the contents and then upload the files through a FTP service. (File Transfer Protocol)

4)      Once uploaded, go to the url directory that you uploaded the contents to. It may look like the following: (Yourdomain.com/ or yourdomain.com/directory)

5)      A wordpress install page will appear and enter the database name, user, and password when prompted.

6)      Create a wordpress username and password and enter all information needed to manage your new cms.

These are quick install instruction, but we will be expanding on our installation documentation very soon.

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