Does Facebook Connect work for your business?

Over the past several months, I have noticed more and more web application sites using Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect feature that Facebook launched near the end of 2008 and is changing the internet as we know it. In the World Wide Web, Facebook is the world’s largest social network today with over 500 million users and it is continuing to grow rapidly. The strength that Facebook has is tremendous, especially since they have become the the only website to surpass Google in how long users spend time on the web. So as I observe the change of the internet and see Facebook Connect on more and more websites, I am excited to explore its potential it has for all businesses. How effective is it and will it benefit for your business?

First off, what is Facebook Connect? It is basically Facebook for websites. Websites integrate this development feature on their websites. You may have seen i  as “Connect with Facebook” where users click on the button, login with their Facebook ID and whala! You account with that website you were looking at is now connected with your user information. There are no long sign ups, no large forms, just a couple clicks and you’re done.

Here are several websites that use Facebook Connect:

Social Fly (

Red Bull USA (

Living Social (

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