A collection of amazing websites created in WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) started in 2003 and has grown tremendously in the open-source community as a way to build flexible web design layouts for websites, not just for blogs.  In addition to their awesome blog management system which is probably my preferred solution, they allow the website user to extend their website with the use of plugins.

Their administration system is simple to use and can be explained very quickly. Now there are two types of wordpress systems and sometimes, people get them confused. WordPress.com is a hosted application by wordpress allowing users to choose themes and customize and add content. It is very similar to Tumblr and Blogger.

WordPress.org allows designers, developers, and anyone interested in using the open-source wordpress platform. This system is downloaded in a zip file and must be installed and configured on your own hosting plan.

Today, I want to showcase what the WordPress CMS can accomplish with the right web design skills found across the web beyond what we see from the traditional blog layout. See what can be accomplished and what might inspire you:


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