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April 11, 2011

By Orange Aura


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Best Google Products for Web Designers and Website Owners

Google has done a great job at creating not only an amazing search engine, but also a line of products used to help users searching for relevant content and accessing their email to robust applications for business owners and web designers to use.

Here are five of my favorite Google products that I think are best for web designers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics serves as  a tool to help track statistics on your website. By adding a script embedded usually in the footer of your website, you are able to track deep analytics on activity on your website. Google Analytics are very detailed and in depth allowing you to view using by region, country, city, but also see where your traffic is coming from. You can see which sites are referring you, keywords they use, which pages they are viewing, and much more. Key items I tend to look at when optimizing my website are bounce rate, page views, the number of unique visitors, and how I can add more content that will help boost my website on search results. Using Google analytics allows me to see what I can do to improve my websites, the websites of others I create, and solely to create amazing and functional websites.















Google Webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools allows  you to see if your website is showing up in Google search engine.  Has it been indexed and which pages are showing up. You can monitor page impressions to clicks. This tool is probably the most important tool needed for SEO as well. It allows you to see if your website is being crawled by Google’s search engine bots. I tend to use this quite often in conjunction with my websites and maintaining their sitemap.xml.









Google Website Optimizer

Last but not least, Google Website Optimizer is another great tool especially for designing great website not only on look, but making sure they are optimized for success. Getting that Return on Investment (ROI) should be your main reason why you have a website. Using website optimizer gives you a statistical way to test and target regions of the webpage. You create campaigns and measure your success using A/B testing seeing which portions of the website your users click and focus on. Keep in mind you need a good amount of page impressions in order to made a decision from good data. This tool now turns your website into a successful online business.