Article Marketing 101 for the Busy Business Owner

If you are reading this article, you are probably a business owner looking to increase your web traffic. You have probably researched the various methods employed in effective SEO marketing, and may have contacted a few SEO firms out there. As you have probably read, article marketing is an effective way to build quality back links and bring traffic to your website. Article Marketing is the foundation of many SEO strategies for the simple reason that good content is king, and Google looks to reward those who provide quality content.

What this article will attempt to do is show you the key points on how to put together an effective article marketing campaign.  You will have to spend your time or a little money, and probably both.  Article marketing is not an overnight success story and should be thought of as a long-term endeavor.

Point 1: Choose the right keyword. It is a tremendous waste of time and energy should you begin working on a project, only to discover out later which you can’t make any product sales because of your poor keyword choice. It is very important that you just get to know the industry first. Understand how your consumers are searching for a product. One should only enter the niche if you really feel confident of creating product sales.  You must take time and conduct research on the competitiveness of a particular set key phrases or key words for your service or product. Without quality keywords, you cannot effectively market your articles.

Point 2: You must generate quality content. You cannot copy verbatim other people’s work on the internet has most search engines can account for duplicate content. Furthermore, there are services such as that can tell if you have stolen and plagiarized other peoples work. The key to writing good content is to answer the question of your consumers, and provide solutions. A simple way to brainstorm ideas for articles is simply writing down the questions your customers or clients have asked in the past. Another method is to send out a customer satisfaction questionnaires to previous consumers. An added benefit of sending out customer satisfaction questionnaires with written responses (instead of just multiple choice) is you will see the language of how your customers ask questions. This is extremely important since it gives you a valuable insight in keyword research.

Point 3: Choose the right article directories. There are hundreds of article directories out there so you must choose the right ones to spend your time submitting to. Most of the well known directories will not allow you to submit duplicate content. That often means you have to rewrite your article for each directory submission. When choosing the right directory you must check the article directories Page Rank (PR) and number of visitors. One of the main reasons you are article marketing is for back links and obviously the higher the PR of an article directory, the higher quality your back link will be. Obviously article directories that have millions of visitors are important, but don’t overlook smaller directories that specialize in a particle niche. For example, if you are a contractor and writing a “how-to” article  one of the best places to submit is

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