Orange Aura is a small northern California based website design company with big ideas! We provide businesses and individuals with creative, high quality, and functional websites. Watch us grow, or better yet! Grow with us!


Our website development goal is to be flexible and dynamic, allowing Orange Aura to provide clients with professional and responsive solutions. To make quality web design more affordable for everyone. We build a website for User Experience (UX). Making sure that the end-user has a natural user interface that becomes more persuasive. The question is not if someone can use the site, but the question now becomes if they want to.

Orange Aura: Creative Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Orange Aura strives to provide clients with professional and cost effective solutions to their business needs. We provide our clients with business led digital media design & development. Our primary goal is to create a User Experience (UX) solution that serves everyone’s needs. We are flexible and are always interested in hearing about your ideas and what you would like in a website.

We offer design, marketing and advertising needs including:

  • creating brand identities and logos
  • developing web sites and new media
  • producing print work
  • developing advertising strategies
  • optimization of your website and online marketing

Please take a look at Orange Aura’s Design Portfolio and look in depth at our Services and How We Design.  When you are ready, view our Pricing Points and then Contact Us for more details or questions @ studio (at) orangeaura (dot) com