November 19, 2011

By Orange Aura


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5 Tips for creating content using WordPress Visual Editor

WordPress’ visual editor allows you to write blogs, pages, and posts without the knowledge of HTML. It allows for fast, quick, and efficient writing. Here are best practices for using the WordPress visual editor to help write amazing blogs and articles:

1) Use ‘Paste from Word’ icon in the Toolbar:

Often times, we like to write our posts on a Microsoft Word or another visual text editor. If you are the same, you may have noticed that copying and pasting from a word document into WordPress visual editor causes the information to insert weird indexations. To avoid this formatting issue, use the “Paste from Word” icon in the Toolbar.

2) Maximize on Media: Add an Image,  Add a video, Add Audio, or Add Media:

The web is growing rapidly and information is able to stream much faster than before. Make your website better than the rest and allow your users to absorb information beyond text. Create a full multimedia experience by adding rich images, videos, and audio. WordPress Visual editor has a Upload/Insert area where you can add multimedia content with ease. Remember! WordPress allows you to Upload/Insert Media so take advantage of this space.

Use the ‘Insert More Tag’ icon in the Toolbar:

When creating long posts, it sometimes maybe better to add a “read more tag” for your visitors. The “Insert More Tag” icon in the Toolbar inserts a separation and a button to view more content.

4) Add Website URL’s to words using ‘Insert Edit/Link‘:

There is no point in inserting those long URLs in your articles. Your viewers will not remember it so it is best to place a URL inside of a word or image. To do this, use to the “InsertEdit/Link” to place it inside of a related word in your article.

5) Use the ‘Preview Post’ before publishing your blog:

When you are finished with your writing and editing, it is always good to see what your viewers see. Always preview your posts to make sure all visual elements are in place

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